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GPS type
GPS Tracker
Special Feature
Internet Connected
Screen Size
Under 2 Inches
Model Name
Gps Module
Item Size
Brand Name
Out Power
Battery Life
20 To 29 Hours
Network and Frequency
2G GSM/GPRS; 850/900/1800/1900Mhz
Positioning Ways
Location Accuracy
GPS accuracy: 5-10m; LBS accuracy: 100-2000m
Working Voltage
Backup Battery
Chargeable and changeable 3.7V 500mAh Li-ion battery
Tracking Software
Web server and APP (Android & iOS); Life Time Free
GPS Sensitivity
Main Unit Weight
Operation Temprature
-20 to +65 degrees centigrade
Special Features
Fuel Sensor Support; Camera Support; Remote Controller; Dual-SIM etc.

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item description


This product TK105B is a car gps tracker which is working based on the 2G GSM/GPRS network and GPS satellite positioning system. It set multiple functions of security, positioning, monitoring surveillance, emergency alarms and tracking in its entirety. It can track and monitor remote target by SMS, Mobile APP and Web tracking platform.

Besides, this vehicle tracker TK105B is a full featured GPS tracker which is designed for a wide variety of vehicle tracking applications. It has multiple I/O interfaces that can be used for monitoring or controlling external devices. It is supported by a wide variety of accessories, such as remote controller, fuel sensor, camera, temperature sensor, central locking system, RFID etc. Its built-in GPS receiver has superior sensitivity and fast time to first fix. Its quad band GPRS/GSM subsystem supports 850/900/1800/1900 MHz allowing the TK105A's location to be monitored in real time or periodically tracked by a backend server and mobile devices. System integration is straightforward as complete documentation is provided for GPRS communication protocol. The GPRS communication protocol supports a wide variety of reports including emergency, geo-fence boundary crossings, low battery and scheduled GPS position.

What's more, the tracking software for this device is free for using LIFETIME, you needn't pay any monthly or yearly fee for the tracking service!


Hardware Structure:

Installation wiring diagram:

1. Unit installation wiring diagram:

* Only one function can be chose from vehicle Speed detection and fuel measurement functions;

* For vehicle Speed detection, white with black wire directly connect to speed sensor signal wire of car gearbox., black connect to Ground;

* For fuel measurement, white with black wire connect to fuel sensor signal wire.


2. Central locking system wiring diagram:


Specification: gsm alarm system








Network and Band

2G GSM 850/900/1800/1900Mhz

GPS sensitivity


GPS accuracy


GPS start time

Cold status  45s

Warm status  35s

 Hot status  1s

  Voltage of car power system   

12 V/24V

Backup battery

      Chargeable 3.7V 500mAh Li-ion battery    

Storage Temp

-40°C to +85°C

Operation Temp

-20°C to +65°C


5%--95% non-condensing


Main Functions: tracking device 
1. Dual-SIM Card Function: This GPS Tracker TK105A supports dual SIM cards, but the two SIM cards can't work at the same time,  but they can switch between each other automatically when one of them is broken or no GSM reception.

2. “track” and “monitor” modes switch: The default mode is “track” (Track mode), if you want to monitor the voice around the device please send "monitor+password" to tracker to switch it to monitor mode, then you make call to the SIM number in the tracker you will can monitor the voice around it; you can send "tracker+password" to swtich the device back to track mode.

3. Single Locating :

* If there has any authorized numbers been set up, tracker will reply to all calls with location report. If the authorized numbers been set up, then only authorized numbers will be able to receive location report from the tracker;

* Dialing the tracker device from the authorized numbers, it will hang up the call and respond a message with google map link and real-time latitude and longitude ;

* When lost fix to satellites (no GPS signals), it will track by LBS / CELL-ID. Then the replied SMS will include two positions:
- GPS coordinates of the last known position.
- LAC code.  Open find “manual track”, and put the received code in LAC and Cell-ID fields to location by LBS technology.

4. Auto track continuously:

* Track with limited times upon time interval, for example send SMS command “fix030s005n +password” to the tracker device, it will report the position information with 30s interval 5 times.

* Track with unlimited times upon time interval, for example send SMS “fix030s030m***n+password” to the tracker. Tracker will report a real-time location every 30 seconds when ACC is ON, and report location every 30 minutes when ACC is OFF.
Note: The interval must not less than 10s.

* Smart track upon time and distance interval, this function means that the device can be tracked by preset distance and time interval two factors.

5. Turning points update automatically: the tracker will update the position information automatically to web server once the vehicle changing driving direction over pre-set angle value to form a smooth trajectory consistent with the actual road, this function works only in GPRS mode.

6. GPS drift suppression: this function is deactivated as default, send "suppress+password" to tracker, it will reply “suppress drift ok". The GPS data stop updating if vehicle is not driving (ACC is OFF) and latitude and longitude always keep the same, and GPS data updates automatically when vehicle is moving (ACC is ON).

7. Exact street address:

* You must set up the APN of your local GSM network for the SIM card in tracker first before using this function;

* After configured the APN, send "address+password" to device, it will reply SMS including exact street address. For example: No.8, Guankou 2nd Rd, Nantou, Nanshan district, Shenzhen, Guangdong, china.

8. Location based service (LBS) / Cell-ID Locating: If the tracker cannot establish a solid GPS Fix, it will calculate its location using Cell-ID GSM locating. Location reports will include the GPS coordinates of the last known positions as well as a LAC code, Entering the  LAC code to the “Manual Track” menu of web tracking platform will enable you to see the tracker’s current location. You can also send command “address+password” to the tracker to request exact address, track will automatically switch to tracking by LBS in GPRS mode. Accuracy of LBS depends on the distance to the nearest GSM Network Cell Tower or Base Station.
Note: This feature can be used normally in most areas according to the signal of GSM network. It may not be available in some areas

9. Speed detector (optional):

* Speed calibration: due to the different signal of speed sensor and size of tire, so calibration is needed before using this function.

* Speed recording: tracker will record speed every 5 seconds and it will always record the latest 48 hours data in memory (memory card) including the speed of speed sensor and GPS.

* Kilometrage Report: set travelled kilometrage: Send command “ODO+password+space+100000”, tracker will reply “Set ODO ok!”, the unit is kilometer, the accumulating kilometrage will add the travelled kilometrage automatically.

* Governor mode: when speed approach max speed, siren beeps 5 times to warn the driver; when speed reaches or exceed the max speed, relay will be activated to limit the speed. Cut off the Oil and Power System function deactivated in governor mode.

10. Vehicle maintenance notification: send SMS "service123456 365d 10000", tracker replies "service ok!" after succeed, when the travelled mileage over 10,000 kilometers, or when the device accumulated 350 days of work, it will give send maintenance notice to the authorized numbers 15 days in advance.
If in GPRS mode, device will also report to GPRS central.
If in GPRS mode, device will report to server center every time when vehicle starts, and only one notification in SMS mode.

11. RFID (optional): RFID module is supported. RFID data can be uploaded to service center (web platform) via GPRS, and saved and displayed on the web platform.

12. View photo on cell phone (optional): you must set up the APN for the tracker before using this function. After APN configuration, send “photo+password” to device, it will take photos and send a SMS including http link to cell phone. You can click the link to get the photo from internet.

13. Automatic Data logging:

* Auto logging: once the tracker lost GSM signal or fall offline from GPRS, tracker will log the tracking position and alerts automatically in the SD card on the basis of the pre-set condition, when GSM signals get back, all the event alerts will be auto-sent to the authorized numbers or web platform, but the logged tracking data should be loaded to the web platform via SMS command.

* Logging upon times: for example you can send "save030s005n+password” to the tracker unit, it will reply “save ok” and will log the Latitude and longitude locations every 30 seconds for 5 times.

* The copied to computers through card reader, and then the data route can be checked by importing data in the menu “Data Import” of web platform

14. Data Load:

* Current date Load: send SMS: “load+ password” to tracker device, it will reply: “load ok” if the device is working well under GPRS mode; if not, it will reply “load fail! Please check gprs” that means device does not work under GPRS mode.

* Specified date Load: send SMS: “load+ password+ space+ year month date” to tracker device, it will reply: “load ok” and load the tracking data to the web platform upon the valid time you choose. For Example: send SMS: “load123456 20110425” to the tracker device, means to load the tracking data of 25th April 2011 to web platform.

15. Forward the third parties’ message: for example, set the phone number of the service provider of the SIM card in the tracker, when charge remind message coming in, tracker will forward it to authorized phone number. Only 1 third parties phone number can be set up at most.

16. SIM card Balance Inquiry:

How it works: take China Mobile as example, After accept balance command, tracker will remember the “mobile phone number”, carrier’s phone number and the code, then send the code to carrier’s phone number, and forward the message from carrier to mobile phone number.

17. ACC working alarm: tracker will send "ACC on+latitude & longitude" to authorized numbers when detect ignition on, that means the vehicle has been started; and tracker will send “ACC off+latitude & longitude" to authorized numbers when ignition off and ACC is off, that means vehicles has been stopped.

18. Cut off the Oil and Power System:

* Execute immediately mode: send command “quickstop+password” to tracker, it will reply “quickstop OK”. Then tracker will stop the car immediately after “stop” command.

* Execute depends on speed mode(Default mode): send command “noquickstop+password” to tracker, It will reply “noquickstop OK”, then the tracker won’t stop the car immediately after “stop” command, instead, it will reply “it will be executed after speed less than 20KM/H”, and stop the car when the speed is less than 20KM/H.

19. Electric lock and Vapor lock switch

20. Arm/lock:
send SMS command “arm+password” to the tracker, the terminal of vehicles will change to arm state, Meanwhile, car door is locked, and it will reply SMS “Tracker is activated”. If the vehicle are in ignition state (ACC is ON), car door will be locked, but ARM will fail, Meanwhile, it will reply SMS “set up fail! pls turn off ACC”. If engine is off, but door is open, then the car can’t enter ARM state and reply “setup fail, pls close the door.”

21. Disarm/Unlock: send SMS command "disarm+password" to the tracker device in the vehicle, It will reply “Tracker is deactivated” in both armed and disarmed state, and the SMS command will make the tracker device enter into disarmed state if the unit currently armed. It won’t alarm if the door is open and sensor is vibrated and the engine is started when deactivated this arm function.

22. Silent arm: send SMS “silent+password” to tracker, it will reply “silent ok!”. It means tracker enters into silent mode and door will be locked as well; siren won’t be sound after alarm is triggered, but tracker will send SMS to authorized numbers.

23.Decide how many times of alarm message: you can decide how many times of the alarm message to be sent, For those alarm message sent in cycle, you can limit the times the alarm message to be sent. For example, send SMS “ xtime+password+005 “ to tracker, alarm message will be sent 5 times once alarms are triggered.

24. Multiple Alarms:

* SOS Emergency Alarm: long-press SOS button on the cables for 2 seconds, the device will send sms: “help me + lat/long” to every authorized number at interval of 3 minutes. No beeps from siren. Alerts will be stopped after received “help me” from any authorized phone number.

* Low battery alarm: the tracker will send SMS “low battery+latitude/longitude” to authorized numbers 2 times in total at 15 minutes interval when voltage of battery is going to be about 3.55V.

* Power off alarm: it will send SMS “power alarm+latitude/longtitude” to authorized numbers every 3 minutes when external power is cut off.

* GPS Blind Spot Alert: it will send alert SMS “no gps+last valid latitude/longitude before lost GPS signal”.

* Geo-fence: set up a geo-fence for the tracker device to restrict its movements within a district. The unit will send SMS to the authorized numbers when it goes out of this district.

* Multi-area management: 5 areas can be set up at most. The distance between two points can't be less than the total distance in the 2 commands, and different areas can't cover each other

* Movement Alarm: with GPS signal reception, after the unit stayed immobile in a place for 3-10 minutes, user can set the movement alarm, for example, send SMS “move+password+space+0200” to the tracker (Suppose area of a radius of 200 meters, it supports 4 digits at most. Unit: Meter).  It will reply “move OK”. In case of such a movement (the default distance is 200m), it will send SMS “Move+ latitude & longitude” to the authorized numbers.

* Overspeed Alarm: for example, if you want to set the alarm speed as 80km/h, then when the target moves exceeding 80km/h, the unit will send SMS “speed+080!+ latitude & longitude” to the authorized numbers. it will send only one SMS in 3 minutes in SMS mode when overspeed, the siren will beep 1 time when overspeed 1 time.

* Fuel Checking Alerts (Optional): During driving process, when the Tracker Device detects the fuel decrease by 20% in 3 minutes, then it will send oil leak or theft alert “oil:XX%+Lat, Long” to authorized number in 3 minutes interval. Siren beeps 20 seconds continuously.  When Acc off and Car stop, the tracker device detects the fuel decrease 2% comparing with previous fuel when car stop, It will send oil leak or theft alert “oil: XX%+ Lat, Long” to authorized number in 3 minutes interval. Siren beeps 20 seconds continuously.

* Temperature alert (Optional): the available temperature range is from -050 to +125 degree. When the temperature is beyond the limited range, the tracker will send SMS alarm to the authorized numbers at 3 minutes interval. The temperature can be switched between Celsius and Fahrenheit.

* Auto Photograph (Optional): when the tracker terminal device detects DOOR/ ACC / SOS / alarm, the tracker device will be automatically ready for photo during sending the alarm and then shoot camera to upload the photo to the monitoring platform (web server).Meanwhile, the device will send SMS including http link to all authorized cell phone numbers, photo can be also requested from web server by sending command. All photos will be automatically saved in the SD card, and viewed after copied to computers through card reader.

* Alerts Resend: when vehicle enters GSM blind areas, the siren beep in Non-quiet mode if DOOR/SHOCK SENSOR/ACC, OIL alarms are triggered, and all these alarms will be stored and send to authorized numbers or web server after GSM signal recover.

* External Shock Sensor alarm (Optional): The unit will send only one alarm SMS “Sensor alarm+lat/long” to the authorized number in 3 minutes when the sensor is triggered in arm status. Within 3 minutes, the alarm siren sound for 5 seconds when the vibration is detected in the first time and second time. The alarm siren sound for 10 seconds when vibration again. If you disarm the tracker, the times will reset.
Disarm to stop this alarm.

* Built in Acceleration Sensor Alarm:  the tracker is built in three axis acceleration sensor, the tracker can detect it in arm state when the vehicle move, tilt or shock. The alarm way is same as the external shock sensor alarm.
Disarm to stop this alarm. Besides, the built in shock sensor sensitivity has 3 levels can be configured.

* No GSM Alarm: when Vehicle enters GSM Blind area, the siren beeps in Non-quiet mode without sms sending if DOOR, SHOCK SENSOR/ACC alarms are triggered.

25. Sleep Mode: when vehicle is not driving (ACC is OFF), GSM module fall asleep; GPS module shut off; and tracker works in low power consumption. Calling, SMS command and any triggered alarm can wake up it.

26. Check the Vehicle State: send SMS command “check+password” to the tracker in the vehicle, It will reply SMS including:external power、battery、GPS signal、ACC、Door、GSM signal、GPRS status、APN、UP、IP、PORT etc.

27. Terminal (local) Time Setting: for example: Send SMS “time zone123456 8”, 8 is Chinese time zone, If your country time zone is minus, send SMS “time zone123456 -8”.

28. Reset Hardware: send SMS “reset+password” to tracker device to reset the GSM module and GPS module of the tracker device, it will reply “reset ok”.

29. Configure parameters by USB: Connect tracker to computer with the optional USB cable, open the memory of the tracker, find and open the initial configuration file with notepad "user_config.ini" , operate according the instructions.

30. Less GPRS traffic: tracker will change to less GPRS traffic mode after parking 5 minutes (ACC is OFF), GPRS disconnect and connect again when alarm being triggered or vehicle starts driving.

31. Set up monitor center number: after setup monitor center number, the messages of auto track by sms will be set to this center number, if all alarms need to be sent to this number too, then this center number must be setup as authorized number.


Function of TK105B Remote Controller:

Note: All the functions of Lock and Unlock must work with the optional relay of central locking system.





Press for 0.5 second, the siren will beep one time.



Press for 0.5 second, the siren will beep two times.

ARM & Silent mode

Press for 0.5 second when it is in disarm state, the siren will beep one time. No voice from siren when alarm triggered and quit from silent mode automatically when disarm.


Press for 3 seconds, Tracker will send SOS alert to authorized phone numbers without voice.

Deterrence/car search

Press for 0.5 second when it is in arm state, siren will beep 10 seconds, press disarm button to quit. 


software display

About web tracking platform:gps tracer car

Web tracking software login page, User: demo Password: 8888.And it support multi-language.It has 10 days trial time,but after trial time, you will need pay yearly fee $5 for each device,if you need it,you can click the following picture or go to our store to order it.  Thanks. Please try it now.GPS Tracker

About IOS &Android Mobile APP Tracking:



coban software-1

packing list
1pc * GPS105B Main Unit
1pc * Remote Controller

1pc * 1.5m Microphone
1pc * GSM Antenna(3 Meters)
1pc * GPS Antenna(3 Meters)
1pc * Relay
1pc * Harness
1pc * User Manual
1pc * Original Box
(No Sim Card and SD Card Included)

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